Friday, March 27, 2009


Ok, so for this vacation, I'm finding myself with a few minutes here and there (minus a cat tripping around my feet) to do some personal reflection. I've found myself thinking that maybe I'd like to live in another state? Maybe somewhere different so I can just keep getting to see the country. So then it brings me to the idea - what would I do about my parents? Would I try to convince them that they should move too? Or maybe they stay put and be "home base?" Hell, I don't know. It is probably not something I would act on, but it is a fun thought. Kind of like traveling is.


My doggers... :)

Sunday, June 22, 2008

I hate this thing..

I went to add a picture to my loooooong posting, and it's gone. No where to be found. SOB. I thought that I would add a posting today, since it's been MONTH's since the last time I did it. I need to stop being such a slack ass, right?

Alright - recap of what I wrote. (which was REALLY good, BTW)
*Raven had to go to the vet yesterday b/c of a UTI.
*My garden is growing and looking awesome. Thank god we still have rain.
*The neighbor's are out of town at Myrtle Beach for the week and one of their two cats has gone completely psycho on me. I swear I like all cats except the pissy ones. He's a pissy cat.
*We took the dogs for a 6 something mile bike ride today - Ripley could have done more. Raven, not so much.
*Lime Chicken on the grill is perfect with Corn Salsa and beer.
*Thunderstorms are wonderful when your sitting at the table with the one's you love (and move puppers away from windows!)
*Convertible Beetle's are the best in summer! (When you have a towel to cover the hot seat!)
*Weekends are better when you are on your own time - and don't have to be on anyone else's. :)

HAPPY 2nd BIRTHDAY RIPLEY!!!! My puppy is growing. Today is his second birthday, along with Aleister's 2nd birthday (Aaron & Alicia's eldest boy) and Joni & Dude's shared birthday (Our beloved neighbors that moved to Columbus.) Amazing how dates can bring people together, right?

Anyway - I'm off to go make pizza for dinner - and add fresh strawberries to their frosty paws for his "birthday" treat. I love my little boy (and my Ravie too!!!)

Damn blogger....

Sunday, February 03, 2008

apparently I'm more of a slack ass than I thought..

So I'm writing in my blog. I haven't written since this PAST July.

So we (meaning four legged children and parentals) went on a little trip this morning. We went to 2 grocery stores - Staples so I could pick up the latest version of tax software (but NOW I have *people*!!) and then off to starbucks for peppermint tea. Apparently its good for your digestive system, and since mine is SO far out of whack, what the hell. FYI - Starbucks does NOT, I repeat, NOT carry Peppermint tea - just those gross TAZO ones that I doubt they ever sell.

On to the third grocery store to pick up some peppermint tea bags and hot water from the Starbucks located in that store. Yum.

Made it to Hamilton - to only find some of the ice sculptures were either beaten and broken <-- we watched this guy walk up to one and start breaking off pieces - and he looked confused when it fell apart.. (serious, don't touch it - it's will melt, jackass). stupid people - sorry.

And then we walked, and heard the 'oohhhhh's and ahhhh's over the dogs. Ripley is pretty impressive since there don't seem to be a lot of Weimaraners out in public (for your information, he's passed out beside me on the couch...) Anyway, another dog came and Raven and Ripley FREAKED out, I mean, barking, crying and jumping. SO EMBARRASING! I can't have my dogs walk by other dogs without acting like they are going to eat the other dog! They go to daycare, they are socialized, but for some damn reason, all they want to do is go after this other dog. (insert RED face.)

So, that's it. A few "friends" of mine were punks and didn't go - but that's ok, they didn't miss much at all - I think the best "viewing" would have been yesterday.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007


THEY'RE BACK!! Hell yeah. you know i'm right. :) So, there were a few shows in Asheville, NC, but I couldn't get tickets!!!!! damn it!

So i'll just have to live with this for a while. :) Enjoy!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

ok ok ok

So I've been slack. You can't expect me to be here, and two other places at once! I mean, I miss my blog, don't get me wrong, but it's not like the world will stop turning if I'm not posting. And so what if it's been 6 months since the last post? The fact is I'm here now.

So, if you were complaining because I wasn't writing anything here, you'd better zip it - and maybe try out the two other places I frequent. Even if you think it's a little "old school.." or whatever.

:) Oh yeah, back to paying attention to my meeting.. heh

Saturday, January 27, 2007

wooo hooo

:) Thanks Earl..

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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Morning in Dayton

Dayton Art Institute Rembrandt exhibit.


Since Susie decided to go into work today, Bob and I went to the Dayton Art Museum. Well, we dropped Rip off at the vet first because today was the day he was to be "castrated." Ouch. So with him dropped off, and Raven in tow - off we went to the DAI.

We got there like 10 minutes before the opened. There were a couple of grey hairs walking up to the door, which always makes me think that whatever place of business MUST be open - or WHY would THEY be out of their cars? :) We got in, paid our $16 bucks per person - and off we went. Amazing, this place was hopping. Quite a few people decided to spend a Thursday morning before New Years at the DAI. It was like walking into another world. This paintings took my breath away. Me, being the past Graphic Design major, who LOVES art and art history, was just in awe. The DAI gives you and audiotool to use on the tour, as part as your admission price. I just couldn't believe that I was standing infront of the paintings that took him so long to paint, and at such a young age.

Ok, so enough about that. Rippy is good. He's really sore, curled up on the couch next to me. I gave him so car trip pills to get him to settle down. Apparently - if you give dogs pain meds, they are almost tricked into thinking that they feel great and nothings wrong with them. And then he might do something that will cause him to take longer to heal - or re-open the incision. :) So why not make him sleep - he needs his rest so he can heal. :)